Rainbow Iced Cake
  • Rainbow Iced Cake

    Rainbow Iced Cake
    Rainbow Sponge optional

    (Candles not included)

    • Size (approx)


      • Small:  12 servings, (6")
      • Medium: 24 servings, (8")
      • Large: 36 servings, (10")

      Please note, selecting 'Rainbow Sponge' will increase the height of the cake, which as a result will give you nearly twice the number of portions if the cake is cut carefully.

      The number of servings is based on  1 in x 1 in finger serving size.


      Preperation & Servings 


      • Ready to eat
      • Not suitable for freezing
      • The cake comes with a fitted cakeboard and is packaged in a safe carboard box ready for collection